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re: And now for something completely different...


Hi, WT! Well...

My latest axe arrived today, about three weeks early, making me wonder if the US Customs guys and gals fell asleep and are just letting guitars and other terrorist implements through from Japan these days, unchecked. Anyway, I knew this was going to be in rather good shape, just from the pictures, but this vintage Aria Pro II RS-750 is the best I have ever seen, anywhere, even in "deep" collector's literature. 

Aria Pro II RS-750 Natural

It looks totally unplayed, and like it has been kept in a low humidity low temperature vault somewhere under a government bunker for priceless treasures. Except for a couple finish-deep divets and one chip, this thing is literally "mint" condition; I almost don't even want to play it, or put the MIDI pickup on it... seriously, I have others like this in worse (average) shape that still play just fine, even with fat baritone strings on them which I could- and probably SHOULD use for MIDI recording instead!

This thing is just "fifth element" perfect; totally brand-new baby-jesus-in-the-manger "amen" freaking good.

It's nice to be surprised once in a while; and so I have been with my latest two Aria Pro II RS-750 acquisitions; one from the Phillipines last year, and now this beautiful-example from a Japanese collector who likes eBay and should probably have asked about two thousand USD for this one.

OMFG the sound is silky-crystalline clean, even with the old nickel vintage strings.


Here is a link to Mr. James Tuer demonstrating his RS-750 on YouTube through some of his collectible Boss pedals. I really should be doing more with social media, but first things first; composition finality and copyright protection. Somewhere between soft jazz and psychedelic funk; this gentleman plays very well and sounds something like Jerry Garcia crossed with the love child of Adrian Belew and Robert Fripp!






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