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re: WoWRage.US is officially in Beta, Mon



Confident in the custom repack core and added custom NPCs; not too much, not too little. "Jus' rite!"

Still tweaking things like Auction House Bot; removed all "free" (buyable) "epic" items from the AH bot- any epics up for sale are by real players (I put the "5" ring in there on my Horde Rogue (that's "Rouge" of course, if you remember ). The AH bot was always only meant to help players keep up the parity between gear levels and actual character levels, and to provide items intended to speed up "character completion" like trade-skills and achievements.

Trades all work flawlessly- thanks to the feature of the tiny chance to skill up on grey recipes (5% chance) there are no holes in any tradeskill progression like blacksmithing or tailoring- even if you choose to ignore lower level reputations or specializations.

Reforging is still parked, but may be available later, ditto, warp storage- but Transmog' is fab and also working almost perfectly (Sets that are transmogrified "appear" to lose their set bonuses, but they actually do not) This is a Mage is full Bonescythe "not" actually dual wielding a dagger and a lamp which look like Felsteel Swords:


Things yet to implement:

Reagents, Cloth, Meat, etc. having even larger stacks. Ammunition will remain at 1000x per stack for stability, but most other ordinary "like items"will eventually stack up to 100, or 200 or even more, depending.

AH bot prices, both buying and selling; this is also another of the reasons that epics were removed from the AH bot- they were way too cheap at default settings, and there are still issues with rare and uncommon at various item levels.

Heirlooms are going to change, and will probably be available the usual ways; we're not out to be the #1 top "vote scam" server, but there will some kind of mechanism instead of "free in newbie zones"-- it's just "too easy" and there are other less moot reasons.

Full Blown Auto Restarter... this has been harder to code than you'd think, and I know of no others "lying around" that will do what I need them to (including php modules and multi-realm with logging append).

Hardware is a little dated, but fine for a few dozen players; 6 core Intel CPU at 3.33 GHZ; only 12 GB RAM but this will expand before next hardware upgrade; two channel Gigabit LAN interface(s); NVIDIA Quadro 4000 Video (using dual monitor support so I can literally observe the server desktop as a PIP in my large screen "TV" screens around the house); 2x Western Digital Black Label 2 TB Drives (using regular software and data backups, but they are not set up in RAID 0 configuration at this time); all on a business grade cable line with a dedicated gateway and a block of 5x static IPs (60Mbps dn, 10Mbps up)


Things are looking up, will hopefully get some real progress soon if anyone replies to my local Network Help inquiries through Angie's List, Home Adviser, or Craigs~

Be well


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