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Wicked Tribe is a premier Horde-affilliated off-peak-hours Guild on the Doomhammer Server (US) in the World of Warcraft, comprised of new and veteran players who are dedicated, helpful, honorable and skilled. Our guild chat and code of conduct are rated [R] for Respectful, and we've been "Zero-Drama" (tm) since patch 1.10.

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WoWRage Problems

by Kam', 71 days ago

Right now, the old core has crashed and though the database is probably intact there is no guarantee that a new or upgraded core will support the older modules (like Rochet2's transmog and reforge, etc).

This is quite a setback, as we were on the verge of going public after months of downtime.

Go**ammit. Sorry =(  No ETA on this...



UPDATE: Bad news... upgrading my sql has corrupted my old dbc work; ALL of my fixes and a year's worth of updates and custom NPC and GO placements are all gone... the only thing i may be able to save appears to be the server config (player starting gear, rates, etc, etc). All our accounts and characters are gone and will have to be recreated; still no working registration page is really pissing me off too- I may just have to grab a god damn repack and rework it... I miss TRiGGs

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2019 Clunk Sputter >POOF<

by Kam', 186 days ago

Due to circumcisions beyond our contrail...

We are unfortunately going back to free "ad driven" existence forever here. I will save as much of the forums and images as possible, but we'll likely be losing all the videos! Ohhh nooos~! Somehow GL has bilked my credit cards through PayPal for the past 4 years, unbeknownst to me...  until a couple hours ago.

I'm clutching FOUR cancellation notices to them going back even before they became Gamer Launch or Launch Media LLC or Lamer Gotcha or whoever, back in 2015. 

IN PDF FORMAT EVEN! (/off snaggletooth voice)


Love, fluids, solids and- clean towels always,


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