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re: WoWRage 2.0 Update; rebuild is in process

Hi, Gang


As promised, a long awaited update is in process with the original Wrath-era server using Client 3.3.5a (Build 12340), which was the last good client before Cataclysm forever changed the original "old school" world; talent builds and "theory craft," and made flying around Azeroth trivial, and everything else faceroll-easy so that you could play with your pets, or vice-versa, or some perverted variation thereof.

Our server is setup with some unique benefits many WoW players are not used to; unlike the original WoWRage.NL, WoWRage.US is a solo-based server, and PvP is purely optional... PvP still exists, and when I get bots working, Arenas and Battlegrounds will be profoundly challenging-- PVE is still extremely so-- and even when your characters develop to raiding and the highest level gear, you won't be able to solo everything, or even just multibox expendable DPS characters. Heroic Icecrown Citadel (formerly, usually a 25 player raid event) will still likely require a full, balanced group of T8-T9 geared characters, and Ruby Sanctum will require a small-to-normal group of Tier 9-10 geared players to defeat consistently.

Achievements which existed just before Cata will all be available, and when we relaunch in a month or two, I am considering wiping those which exist, since the beta players (me and my closest family members) pretty much own them all right now.

I cannot guarantee the extra "deep" storage space from Cata, but there will the legacy 7 bank slots and a means of obtaining 36 slot bags/crates; also the Transmogrification mod is ingame working very well, and is set up to be even more flexible than Blizz's was when Cata was released; you can change almost any piece of gear on any character to be anything else, from grey to epic, cloth to plate, fishing pole to Shadowmourne; as long as you own it and worked for it, you can take it to the Transmog NPCs in the various capitals and hub cities and pay a trivial price to look the way you want


Those who remember legendary players like Skidmark/Milkshakboom/Poot and Selak/Shatterhorn/Kalcipher will find their characters were remembered in the world... I am hoping to bot their "living shrines" someday in the future, to literally resurrect their characters' witty sayings and even random off-the-wall behaviors.


I am not reserving all the names of the Fallen or our former guildmates, but if you are not Lance, please don't try to take the name Hellstorm... and if you're not Barry or Chris, names like Eragon and Moratu are off limits... and there was only ever one Q... do not touch her names or nicknames, plzThx (!)... lastly, please try not to make toons named "God," or Allah, Jesus, or Mohammed and so forth... it's just bad taste; besides some of those are already blocked by the stock Trinitycore code.

Lastly, there are 11 professions in 335a (before Archeology was introduced) plus all the other usual skills, WoWrage lets every character have up to TEN tradeskills to keep you busy, and which will grant the usual bonuses (within the normal limits) when they reach the higher levels. Those which require quests and research and/or dailies will still require them though you find raising them significantly easier, since there is a small chance to skillup on every skill in the game off "grey" trivial recipes and/or trivial NPC foes (though they must not be PvP flagged NPCs, player Pets, or player Bots). Doing so will still grant your ingame Achievements and World-Firsts (all that apply).


Oh- (PPS) there are extra talents to work with, too; not ALL, but about 2x the usual talent points.




For Folks that desire late game content past Wrath and Tier 10-10.5, I will eventually probably offer a MoP or WoD era emu server- which will need some attention, IF anyone wants a GM position there/then... it'll be available. 

I don't plan on making ALL content available up to the present expansions, but there may be some extra fun stuff and extra talent points still, as long as the game remains challenging and the hardest raids aren't all soloable or exploitable... max level would probably be 100 no matter what, and any extra races or class mods would still likely find the game to be about doing more with less, and actually learning the game anew.


Did I mention, this is all free?



"Kill each other nicely"



NO Immigrants were harmed in the making of WoWRage.US, even though we had a few Albanian volunteers and one Romanian. We loved them, and cuddled them, vetted them, and gave them management jobs at WalMart. The Suicide Rates are not our Fault. Can't Prove Nothin'... 



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