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re: WoWRage.US Introduced, Temp Chagelog Thread


As of a couple weeks ago (June 18th, 2015) we passed two minor milestones, first, we own this domain name and it went live without much trouble or fanfare (all it does is point to a Wrath-era account registration page though, and we do not plan on introducing a website until Beta), secondly and more importantly, we past two weeks of uptime- and as of my writing this, we are one hour away from a month of continuous uptime.

TrinityCore is nothing if not stable, and we have been very cautious at introducing custom content or relaxing GM commands to ordinary player accounts. (We will be introducing these VIP accounts and free teleports and even "free" EPIC riding and flying IN THE OLD WORLD upon character creation eventually) Rather than create a bunch of threads about this, this post will also serve as a temporary repository for alpha-phase changelogs, shared information, and hopefully some extra player feedback from veteran players who may be taking a break from other games and enjoy the "custom game" experience that only private "free" servers can offer. 

If this is for any reason NOT okay with present retail WoW officers, I fully understand and will make other arrangements ASAP; I do not want to draw anyone away from their primary duties or divide anyone's loyalty at a time when it appears that the guild is really needing bodies to logon and be ready, willing and able to raid and/or progress. I realize interest in official-WoW is apparently waning and it's hard to keep disinterested players happy and engaged, but that is why we recruited and promoted those who would ALSO recruit and promote- we have the infrastructure and history to endure IN SOME FORM, and that is something to build on.

Thanks for reading.

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re: WoWRage.US Introduced, Temp Chagelog Thread

Change Log for WoWRage.US


A.0.0.1 Server Rates being adjusted for solo-play and quick progress in instances, even raids.

All characters now receive One (1) Gold on creation; as a "leg-up" on early training costs, and as a temp-fix for the lack of low-level bags in the starting areas. This is too little money to be exploitable (efficiently) or to impact the realm economy much. Any player found to be abusing this feature can be spoken to, have their money mod'd down to zero, and any problems they may've created with the "zombie balloon" of nameless level one characters in the database can simply be flushed with one config-setting-change and a server restart

Introduced Transmogrifier NPCs in Stormwind (Trade District), Orgrimmar (The Drag), and the very center of Dalaran. Also introduced Reforging in the core, though no Reforging NPCs are spawned

Adjusting Auction House "Bot" rates for supplying ordinary and rare items without trying to break the top end game ("cheap" tier 7, 8, 9 BOE epics)


A.0.0.2 Added mailboxes at every newbie starting location. They are correct "blizz-like" in placement and in appearance for those accustomed to the post-Wrath expansion world(s)

Authored centralized Alpha Changelog on WT Free Server forum


A.0.0.3 Added a Transmog~ NPC to Shattrath on the Terrace of Light, also added a copy of Auctioneer Beardo (Neutral Auction House, Gadgetzan faction) there, and an additional copy of this Auctioneer in the very center of Dalaran. Faction ID changed to 35 (friendly to all) to avoid faction problems for players who become KOS to Gadgetzan and/or the Steam Wheedle Cartel.




NOTE- Presently all three Auction Houses are linked by configuration, and they are likely to remain this way for the foreseeable future. However should the need arise, we can add four extra Auction NPCs to Shattrath to be more "Blizzlike"-- two copies of an Alliance-only Auctioneer and two copies of a Horde Auctioneer; one each, on Aldor faction in the Aldor bank, and the others set to Scryer faction in the southern bank.

Added several mailboxes to Acherus: the Ebon Hold in the Eastern Plaguelands for newbie Death Knights; quite a feat, given how many "phases" had to be accounted for. Mailboxes spawned in the the earliest phases are placed on the "top level" where  new DKs enter the world, and in the later phases (after completing the bulk of the ground quests) and the final phase after completing "The Battle For The Ebon Hold" and  recurring "The Light of Dawn" event, the mailbox(es) is(are) spawned in the lower level, next to the skeletal Gryphon merchant, where Death Knights teleport to with their Death Gate ability

Config rates changed. Severe nerf to level 80 Gold on_quest (10x down to 5x), but to compensate, dropped gold rate increased from 2x to 3x. Player can no longer do three dailies and expect 1400+ Gold. This too will be revisited if I find Heroic Raid Bosses dropping thousands (rather than hundreds) of Gold. 

Config settings also changed for Auction house Supply Bot; it is still be possible to acquire tier 8, 9, or 10 BOE weapons and armor, but it will not be daily or frequently. AH supply rates of grey items and epic items set to only 24 each (two dozen items), while ordinary and tradeskill items were boosted from 2000 to 3200 to facilitate player crafting endeavors.

NOTE- IF this drastically impacts the bot's supply of mid and lower level epics, I will again boost the supply of purples in the AH, but at the price of never being able to buy i-Level 200+ epic items from the BOT again. Players in the mid-to-high 70s should be working on crafting and Heroic dungeons to gear up; not sit and spend their daily cash buying top tier BOEs and skipping Naxx, Ulduar and ToC.


A.0.0.4 Added permanent Field Repair Bot 110 in front of The Great Arena (Gurubashi, Stranglethron Vale) for players of all levels to use. Faction ID# changed to "friendly to all" for best prices and to avoid any engineering exploits with mechanical-effecting devices

Added additional Forge and Anvil GOs in front of the Orgrimmar bank, the ones that the EMU guys added to be "blizzlike" were added incorrectly; left those up as well, rather than move them

Spent a ridiculous amount of time placing Invisible Forge GOs #4090 everywhere that I could think of that needed "area smelting" such as the Links shop in Dalaran, Warsong Hold in Borean Tundra, the Scarlet Onslaught area of Dragonblight, and a few other places. Players knowing of a forge that isn't working fill out a ticket with the location. Thanks


A.0.0.5 Operating System updated. Downtime was minimal, AutoRestart did not work due to how Windows programs run or rather don't- on StartUp. DB backed up.

Newbie Starting Area quests for Horde 99% done and working. All Sunstrider/Eversong/Ghostlands quests are working, all Deathknell/Tirisfal/Silverpine quests working, almost all Den/RazorHill/Durotar quests working (Priest Robe quest bugged), all RedMEsa quests working, almost all Bloodhoof quests work (Kyle's Gone Missing is bugged), rest of Mulgore and Thunderbluff working so far.


A.0.0.6 Box updated. Several Windows 7 patches and restarts. NO- I don't want Windows X or 10 or whatever... power outage yesterday corrupted the DBs, but I repaired them. Haven't found a bad account or character yet. Added a copy of Tassia Whisperglen <Stable Master> (NPC# 28690) to GMI for S's & G's. Be sure to hack your way to old GMI with your Huntards!

"We'll leave the light on for ya..." -Motel 6 Ad slogan







Adding permanent copies of a couple Darkmoon Faire NPCs to the game (most likely in Shattrath and Dalaran), working on adding a couple custom NPCs that sell helpful items not always found in the Auction Houses (Jillian and Ursula, for example; flasks, feasts and refreshment food, PTR items, etc)

Adjust RBAC Account Permissions to allow "sanctioned" player teleports, also will allow the introduction of extra special accounts, like Donor, VIP, Guides,and GM-in-training type accounts

We'll be taking a second look at player-bots in the future, but I am not impressed with what I've seen so far; it uses a lot of server resources for a gimmick which does not make up for low player population

We hope to introduce expanded/relaxed Race/Class combinations, possibly even a few custom races and/or classes, but the main goal is still a functioning world and time efficient fun where players can set their own progress and conquer almost any content alone or with a partner

Revisit Diablo-style global random loot, attached to the on_kill hook. I want players to have some BoJ's to spend before they'r even level 70, and even other emblems and badges to spend on rare pets and shit

ADD vendor(s) for rare pets and stuff; sell for badges or gold

We will be procuring FusionCMS within a month or so, and moving server discussion and operations there. I will eventually move the front page and web site to a DDOS-proof, agile-IP arrangement and perhaps even to a dedicated box, but I will then likely have to rent another chunk of IP addresses from WideopenWest and that would raise my monthly costs dangerously near the "hundred bucks per month" expense constraints that I am presently attempting to work within. We will have a couple regular donors, thanks to family, but we will not be set to accept any sort of payments until the end of this year; note to self to explore shell payee options- either a registered NPO (hassle but would free me personally of liability, damages, or taxable income issues), and LLC (which I could insure against, but I would not be lawsuit-proof, though it would be no cost to start up, or, (preferably) some kind of direct payment to my ISP. Public NOTE- Donations were so good on the original WoWRage.NL that it operated completely ungoverned for over two years, and even then- the forums still functioned for another 3+ years (with banners and ads, however).


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re: WoWRage.US Introduced, Temp Chagelog Thread

WE has ver 6.X license ~



Real Life has been brutal lately though; many minor tragedies 


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re: WoWRage.US Introduced, Temp Chagelog Thread


Server has officially moved from Alpha to Beta now based on several metrics; top of the list, last year we set a record 122 days of crashless uptime, and could've gone longer, but f'ing Windows 7 Pro turned itself on "auto-update" bullshit *again* (G'damn, i even turned that shit off in msconfig! wtf...)... I only expected 90 days of up time, and this core is very stable (late Trinitycore, but actually not the latest)- especially considering the custom extras which facilitate being a solo friendly server with maximum character customization and accelerated leveling, tradeskilling, and achievements.

Updates, changes, backups and general "ease of use" have all performed well above most hack repacks, so, until I (or anyone) can compile something better locally, this core and database are going to be around a long, long time. We already own (well, rent) our domain, and I'm going to do my best to secure it cheaply for ten years before ownership expires again this year.

If you ever wanted to see more of the game, and be more self reliant than "interdependent"-- and do it all while customizing and developing characters way beyond that which is possible on subscription servers- "this ain't your Daddy's WoWrage"-- this is a whole new, challenging, "solo oriented" PvEvP server.

Hey, c'mon- 160 Talent Points at level 80!


"Kill Each Other Nicely"



CHANGELOG 4/15/2017

Tweaked AH bot settings; no longer will sell Epic and Higher/GM items, and made "junk" IE "grey" items rarer- it is mostly regular/standard items, with several "uncommon" items of all levels, and as you can imagine, fewer-still "rare" (blue) items, also of all levels (1 through 80).

Removed several noob "free shit vendors" from the starting areas, but did not delete them so, they can rez up and return if there is any tremendous demand/interest... I'd rather hand out the Heirlooms, personally, however, and even the 36 slot bags (crates).

Preparing for a public refacing hopefully next week; the server is only working on my home LAN right now, but if you already have an account (only a half dozen of you guys) you can try editing the realmlist file to point to but since its IPv4 and behind a firewall, don't expect to connect like we can in our house.

Apache is giving me balls, and Fusion is not playing nice with the versions of MySQL and XAMP I am running, so next on the plate is PUBLIC ACCESS and with that the ACCOUNT REGISTRATION PAGE and basic setup instructions... again, ETA is "next week" and having the website up and fully running will follow... will allow voting (but not required to play ofc), donations (ditto), suggestions, VIP market, character tools, etc, etc.

"Some Time In May"



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re: WoWRage.US Introduced, Temp Chagelog Thread


PerKill=2xp, Quest=5xp, Explore=10x, RepGain=5x, Honor=10x

Poor=2x, Common=3x, Uncomm=5x, Rare=8x, Epic=13x, Legendary=21x, Artifact=34x, Ref'd=2x




Goals include - Trainers for ALL 3 Gathering Professions either in newbie area, or second level safe area, and access to all basic gathering equipment: Mining Picks, Skinning Knives, etc.

Ofcourse, fully functional Mailboxes very near newbie creation area, usable at level 1, crossfaction enabled.

Bag Vendors and General Vendor(s) for Basic Equipment, Armor, Weapons and Ranged weapons.



Deathknell - Added numerous "Battered Chests" to this area, there were only 4- now there's over a dozen

Deathknell - Added a Bag Vendor because bag drop rates suck (copy of UC vendor)

Deathknell - Added numerous Food Crates and Water Barrels

Deathknell - Added numerous Locked Burial Chests and Large Iron Bound Chests for Rogues

Brill - Added Cooking Trainer! (copy of UC trainer) This should've been there in 1.0

Brill - Added Mining Trainer AND a Forge (copy of UC, Org GO) Also should've always been this way

Brill - Added Skinning Trainer (copy of Tirisfal Glades NPC) Took a license; main one still next to LW Trainer

Solliden Farmstead - Added a few treasures, Tirisfal pumpkins, Food Crates and Water Barrels

Northshire Abby - Added several Battered Chests to this area, and Copper nodes to the Mine

Northshire Abby - Added Bag Vendor (copy of SW), added a couple Food Crates and Water Barrels

Goldshire - Added copy of Herbalism Trainer, added Mining Trainer (copy of Darkshire)

Goldshire - Added several Herb nodes, a working Forge, and a few piles of Copper

Elwynn Forest - The Crazy Cat Lady isn't so crazy; she's Friendly to All and easier to find

Elwynn Forest - The Leatherworking trainer is much easier to find; she's given you a sign!

Elwynn Forest - The Skinning trainer is also easier to find; she's gone for a walk outside


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re: WoWRage.US Introduced, Temp Chagelog Thread


After extensive testing, reverted Rogue Lockpicking GO additions in newbie areas.



Scaled back the number of lootable GO's in the newbie zones, but there are still "plenty"

Removed some unskinnable critters which were added for revamp(s)



Moved Mailbox in Coldridge from Anvilmar to the actual newbie starting area

Steamwheedle Port now has a Post Office Box

Work has begun on a VIP area around the scenic Arathi Dwarven Farm

Added GO Cozy Fire to the burrow

Added a Faction Neutral Goblin/Gnome style Mailbox 

Added 3 temporary teleports, need to chose 1, commit it to DB and make a clickable item



The Mailbox in Gnomeregan is now usable by both Alliance and Horde players

Found correct invisible Forge GO ID, but having issue getting mouseover to work... in process

Database cleanup. Found a lot of corrupt items and GO's with no DisplayID

GUIDs which were used but unassigned purged (happens when spawning things temporarily)

ToDo create unique WoWRage NPCs

AH BOT Buyer mode Disabled; scams eliminated and the bot can no longer outbid players

Rates Tweaked for testing characters with no special help (hardcore mode)

FISHING Lots of Unique items no longer "unique" flagged (Jeweled, Bone fishing poles, etc)

FISHING Lines are No longer BOP and stack up to (100), +3 line now useable at (100) skill

Old Crystalbark's corpse is now correctly harvested with level appropriate Herbalism

Fumblub Gearwind's corpse is now harvestable with high level Engineering

DALARAN Annoying Minigob Manabonk will now only appear every 33 minutes, 3 seconds

ALSO his "Mischief Maker" wands are no longer UNIQUE; loot 'em ALL from Mailbox now

ROGUE Thistle Tea usable at level 1, cooldown reduced to 2 minutes, and a stack is (100)



XP RATES Readjusted back to 5x quest, 1x kill, 10x exploration, 5x honor, 5x rep (FAST)

Tarren Mill Inn has stoked a nice Cozy Fire, probably from dung, or, maybe Gnomes...

GURUBASHI Booty Run Event broken; TMP FIX spawned chest, increased Bracer drop rates


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