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Wicked Tribe is a premier Horde-affilliated off-peak-hours Guild on the Doomhammer Server (US) in the World of Warcraft, comprised of new and veteran players who are dedicated, helpful, honorable and skilled. Our guild chat and code of conduct are rated [R] for Respectful, and we've been "Zero-Drama" (tm) since patch 1.10.

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by Kam', 77 days ago

Happy New Year, Wicked Type Ppl !!!!!

-- 2018 --

Yay, another revolution around the Sun.

Let's make some Popcorn...

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by Kam', 344 days ago

WoWRage.US is being worked on as I type this, and should be playable some time within the next few days. Read appropriate section on this website for more info; this is not intended to detract from the operations which continue (if any) on Doomhammer, or Tich, or any other official Blizzard subscription server (TM).

Client version 3.3.5a (Build 12340) is Required to Play, which I cannot legally provide...

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