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Wicked Tribe is a premier Horde-affilliated off-peak-hours Guild on the Doomhammer Server (US) in the World of Warcraft, comprised of new and veteran players who are dedicated, helpful, honorable and skilled. Our guild chat and code of conduct are rated [R] for Respectful, and we've been "Zero-Drama" (tm) since patch 1.10.

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by Kam', 77 days ago

WoWRage.US is being worked on as I type this, and should be playable some time within the next few days. Read appropriate section on this website for more info; this is not intended to detract from the operations which continue (if any) on Doomhammer, or Tich, or any other official Blizzard subscription server (TM).

Client version 3.3.5a (Build 12340) is Required to Play, which I cannot legally provide...

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It's WT's 10 Year Anniversary! Keeping the Lights On, but...

by Kam', 340 days ago

First of all, congratulations on ten years of enduring fun and companionship. We have all made friends here that are like family, or even closer, and I think our guild's culture of "good clean fun" and dealing with each other on a more or less "equal" and mature basis helped keep the person next to you, and you, motivated and engaged; EVEN way past the time when we ALL said "WTF NO more rep grinds or dailies- gah HAD ENOUGH" and we've all done the "Burnout Shuffle"- some of us, heh, even in real life.

Congratulations, fuckers. I love each and every last one of you, and our llamas.


Ten years of grinding Rep, pondering Patch Notes, and being slain by Gnomes has taken its' toll however...

Unless there are significant changes in traffic or participation in WoW or any other game or emulator, our recent payment to GuildLaunch, now GamerLaunch, will probably be our last. That means ads, it also means a drastic loss of stored pictures and files, and I may be forced to chose which files and areas to keep and which to trim to stay under our allotted "free" storage limit.

For our Pictures area we are using about 2.5GB of the 10GB limit; that's all our faces and personal pages, and the files section is presently using only 190MB of the 10GB limit for our budget plan; the "free" plan will only give us a couple hundred Megs total, so it will be the personal pages and pics area that will require the most attention to save somewhere else on the net and link via hyperlinks offsite. If worse comes to worse, I will find a "free" or cheap storage area for everyone's images and do my best to keep the links and some thumbnails active on our website.

This has been our "home" for a long time now, and I'll be doing my best to keep the lights on, and shining back up at you, and on and on...





Grat's, Thanks and Peace, Wicked type ppls




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